Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Camp Cromwell 21/08/07

FOW 1500 pts Fighting Withdrawal Mission

Byron's Carri attacking Nick's British Rifles Jim & SteveJ officiating.
Bryron put his 2 M14 Plats on his left, Gustatori in centre, Semos on the left & 105s in rear.
Nick had 3 Infantry sread accross the front, supported by a double 25pdr battery, Matildas, HMGs + 4 6pdrs in ambush.

Byron pushed forward on his right & centre. The 6pdrs popped out in the scrub near the Brit LHS objective. They got 2 bails but just one M14 kill, then got hammered by the artillery. The Guastatori surprised the Brits by Avanting into assault range to further mangle the 6pdrs & push back their supporting infantry. Nick's artillery finished off the 1st M14 platoon, but the 2nd one finished off the last 6pdr & their infantry support. Nick then counterattacked the Guastatori with the infantry from the centre. There was a vicious fight in the scrub between two lots of confident vets. The Itie's commander became a unknown hero and lead his men to a bloody victory. Even British Bulldog failed and the surviving Guastatori consolidated onto the objective & passed morale. It was then the Itie's turn 4 & they had an undisputed objective and victory.

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