Sunday, August 19, 2007

Russian Front Campaign 2007

Isdonisgrad Campaign
Axis: Jim, SteveJ, Barrie, Byron.
Allies: Nick, SteveP, Richard, MarkO.

General Flic’s Corps in the last month of hard fighting has routed General Smirnoff’s Army and is regrouping and resupplying before renewing the advance. Unique in the Axis forces, the Axis advance guard is lead by an Italian. General Gandini’s skill at placing himself a safe distance from the front has left him the most senior commander in the sector. His Division has orders to clear the Isdonisgrad gap while Flic’s Corps is preparing for a continuation of its advance on Stalingrad.

General Smirnoff’s Army has fallen back along the north bank of the Deepr River before Flic’s advance. Smirnoff has been shot and replaced by General Absolut. General Nicholi Bowlerski’s fresh Corps has been ordered to hold the line about Isdonisgrad between the Deepr River & the Isdonis Mountains while Absolut’s Army is reinforced and readied for a massive counterattack.

The theatre of war is on the north bank of the Deepr River, between the River and the Isdonis Mountains. There are 5 towns, Kournikova, Petrova, Isdonisgrad, Myskina & Sharapova, each about 60cm square. The River Isdonis winds down from the mountains to the Deepr and is crossable only at bridges and fords. As well as bridges at the marked road crossings, there are local bridges or fords at about 60cm intervals.

There are 4 types of terrain hexes:

Clear = Plain = FOW Eastern Europe.
Green = Agricultural = FOW Western Europe.
Brown dots = Rough (foothills) = FOW Mediteranean.
Brown = Mountains.

The Deepr River and the mountains are uncrossable.

The Russians may deploy in grids 5 to 9. Their HQ & supply base is in Sharapova.The Axis start in grids 1 to 4. Their HQ & supply base is in Kournikova. Because of the fluid strategic situation there are no prepared positions at the start, though engineer units can build them as the campaign proceeds.

Each side selects their force as any number of valid Ostfront Coys.

The total points must not exceed 10,000 pts (including Air Support).
At least half the Coys must be Infantry Coys (of any kind).No more than 2 Coys can be Armour.
No more than 1 Coy each of special Coy types (Guard, Engineer, Recon, FJ, etc).
The Axis force includes General Gandini’s own Fucilieri Coy.
Both sides may have one lot of Air Support. (Not attached to any specific Coy but the points are included in the limit).
Recon Platoons must be initially included in Coys in working out the OOB but may be detached at deployment.
If Coys with modified points totals are used - modify the points as in the following example: Guardeyskiy Strelkovy Points = Normal Points x 1500/1165.

Victory Conditions:
The Germans win by taking Sharapova . The Russians win by taking Kournikova. If the campaign peters out with neither side achieving their Victory Condition, the side holding the most cities gains a Minor Victory.
Campaign rules:
Camp Cromwell WWII Campaign Rules.

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