Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Gandini Papers - part 2

These are documents found at the home of a Signora Gandini in Montepulciano, Italy during the advance of 1944. They provide much valuable information on the Isdonisgrad campaign in Russia September 1942. The papers have been translated from the original Italian by Lt Sneak-Jones, British Intelligence. (The publication of some papers has been delayed for security reasons).

Kournikova, Russia
1 September 1942

Mamma Mia,

I have received a letter from Herr Hitler himself! He gives me his approval for my brilliant plan for the attack on Sharapova! I attach a translation for you to read.

My Panzers (doesn’t that sound good for a boy from Montepulchiano!) are, as I write, rolling over the steppes to earn me glory and more medals. (I have kept a small area on the left breast of my best uniform coat free of gold braid for them).

Who would have thought that 24 years after Papa so bravely lead the retreat from General Rommel, his bambino would be leading a German Army into Russia! But I tell you mamma, I got it easy - these Germans soldiers are a tough bunch – I’m so pleased they’re on our side this time.


1 September 1942

General Gandini,

I have received your dispatches of 31/08/42 regarding your plans for the advance on Sharapova. It is a remarkably good plan for a wog – you may implement it immediately. I wish that fool Mussilini would take note of my genius as you have. I wish you luck - I’d regret having to have you shot.

A. Hitler

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