Thursday, August 02, 2007

Camp Cromwell 31/07/07

Kursk Big Push Week 2

Richard couldn't make it this week but Nick took his place. Leigh also put in a rare appearance.
The Germans pushed forward but the Russians disputed every inch of ground (pic 1).
On the right SteveJ's Panzer Grenadiers attacked supported by Panthers. (pic 2). A Russian counterattack pushed the Grenadiers back with high casualties & they failed morale. The HQ Panther tried to rally them & failed. SteveJ was left with just 3 Panthers & an Armoured Car in the front line on the right - not nearly enough. Meanwhile Barrie's attack on the left slowed down to a crawl on the rough ridge (pic 3).
By turn 12 the Germans were not even disputing an objective. The Russians were declared the winners.

It was decided that although it gave us a good battle scenario in this instance, the FOW Axis of Attack Campaign System is pretty dumb & not worth proceeding with. I have been working on improving the Campaign system we used in last year's Tunisia Campaign. I hope to be calling for volunteers to sign up for a new FOW campaign soon.

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