Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kingston 26/07/07

The big table was divided in to 3 6x4's side by side for 3 1500 pt Mid War battles. Not the most convenient arrangement with battles being fought crosswise but noone seemed to mind & it's nice to have one huge room like Chateau Cromwell had.

MarkW's Death or Glory Boys faced off Smithy's DAK Armour on a fairly open (though quite green) desert table in a FFA. It was all Death & no Glory for the Boys though. The Valentines' charge was gallant but too slow - the Panzers just picked them off before their pop guns could do anything. 6pdr portees scratched a little paint before being blown apart. Crusaders got closer by sneaking up a Gully, but it was just too bad when they popped out.

Andrew's Grenadiers put up a stiff fight defending a Cauldron against Andrew's Elite US Mech. But lack of experience caused his counterattacks to melt away & the US prevailed.

In the middle of all that Keith's Brits attacked Griggsy's Grenadiers in an Encounter. Griggsy's Tiger stood in the middle of the table like Ned Kelly as 3" and 6pdr shells bounced off it. But then the Brits double battery ranged in with a double template over a nest of A/tank guns, heavy mortars and HMGs and suddenly much of the German army disintergrated. Infantry over-ran the German right. Then a Piat popped the Tiger and it was all over for the Germans.

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