Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Camp Cromwell 03/07/07

Stirling Bridge 1297

The scenario was based on Stirling Bridge but lack of time for detailed research made it a pretty rough approximation. The armies were comprised of typical types for the period with the English given a 15% advantage. The English had to attack across a bridge. The river was deemed to have some fords but to find them troops would have to move to the bank & throw a 6. (The English did try a couple of times, but didn't find one). The ground on the Scotts side had several areas of bog. On the English side there were hills which helped their bowmen cover the ground immediately over the bridge. The English had 6 Heavy Cav, 6 Longbow, 2 Spear & 2 Bill units. The Scotts had 3 Schiltons, 6 Highland, 2 Lowland levy, 2 Bow & 2 Cavalry.

SteveJ, Byron & Craig commanded the English, Nick, MarkO & Richard were the Scotts. Jim umpired using the Camp Cromwell Rules.

The Scotts deployed their Schiltrons on clear ground in their centre out of bow range of the river with other troops in the bogs on each flank & cavalry in reserve. The English deployed bowmen to cover the crossing and lined up most of their troops to cross the river. Billmen first, then some bowmen, then cavalry, then spearmen.

The Scotts waited for some Billmen to cross then counterattacked with the Highlanders. They destroyed the billmen and the bowmen who had got across. They pursued on against the Cavalry on the bridge, but it was too much to ask and they were beaten off by the cavalry. The cavalry pursued but were stopped dead by the Pikemen who then attacked. (The pic was taken about now). The Scots came soooo close to driving the English back over the bridge, but the English cavalry dice were magnificent - they stopped the rot, then bought time for reinforcements. Eventually the Scotts ran out of steam.

It turned out to be a very even scenario - both sides had lots of options, came up with reasonable plans & had their chances to win. The new rules worked well but the battle gave me some ideas for further tweeks.

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