Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Camp Cromwell 05/07/07

Jim's Brit Armour v. Byron's Aufklarungsschwadron
Mid War FFA on Desert terrain 1500 pts

The reasonably open terrain made the 2 Grant Platoons King of the table with the only 80cm range guns. The Brits advanced infantry & Crusaders on their left, dug in on the right & lined up the Grants to cover the centre. The Grants made a big hit early by taking out 2 Pak38s while the platoon was trying to dig in. The Germans counterattacked on their left with Bersaliglieri supported by A/Cars & Panzer IVF1s & smoke from mortars. The Grants dodged the smoke to take out the Panzers & the Brit Inf stopped the Ities with the help of some bug MGs. On the other flank, the Brits pulled their attack & diverted 5 Crusaders to the right. The Germans then advanced. The Crusader platoon left behind counterattacked the HMGs (which were supported by an a/tank rifle) resulting in mutual destruction. The Germans continued with the attack on their right with P/Grenadiers & A/cars, but the Grants turned to help out the Infantry & it petered out. The 2nd Crusaders took the right objective and the Germans failed morale about the same time.

The Luftwaffe let Byron down badly. They rarely turned up & never did on the few turns when the Brits took a risk concentrating their armour. Their sole contribution was a bailed Crusader & the Germans needed a lot more than that from them. The open terrain and the FFA Mission also made it hard for the Germans.

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