Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Camp Cromwell 10/07/07

Present: Jim, SteveJ, SteveP, Nick, Richard, Byron.

Jim's Grenadiers v. Nicks US Paras in D-1 Seize & Hold

A first time for both in this scenario. The US got a good concentration of troops in the corner near one objective and quickly drove the Grenadiers off it. They then dug in in a hedged field around it with their FV RMGs with a Lt that magically doubled their defensive fire. There was no way the Grenadiers could assault the position so the Germans waited for reinforcements. When they finally got some reserves, they took their 105s so they could blast the objective, but the dice decreed that they came on amongst the US reserves and were immediately swamped. The Stugs and mortars didn't arrive until turn 5 and then the Stugs turned up at the wrong end of the table. There was an interesting sideshow as the two sides' mortar companies came on in the same corner and assaulted each other. The Germans won that one and finally had some fire support. But their infantry was wasting away as it had be hung out to dry to contest the objective until the Stugs could come up. The Stugs shrugged off the air attacks as they rushed across the table & finally got into the action. The US Pioneers took out the HMG platoon and then in their breakthough assaulted the Stugs in rear. Despite their pile of bazookas, the Pioneers got no hits & the Stugs counterattacked & destroyed them. The Germans were now on wood with the last Grenadiers down to 2 teams + attachments. They staked all on the Stugs and assaulted the objective. Despite several turns of MG, AA & mortar fire, the US platoon had few casualties & being Fearless, loaded with bombs & bazookas, & with the CO present, it was a big ask. The Stugs died gloriously for the Fuehrer & it was game over.

Richard's Grenadiers v. SteveP's Strelkovy in 1500 pt Hold the Line (Germans defending)

Richard with the help of SteveJ's advice got to experience the joys of shooting up the Soviet horde as it swarmed across the table towards his thin blue line. But there weren't enough bullets and the objective was over-run.

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