Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Camp Cromwell 17/07/07

Richard's Brat Light Armour v. Barrie's Bersaliglieri

1500 pts Encounter Mission on open desert table. Jim Umpiring.
Both sides started with Infantry & A/tank on the table which they dug in to protect their objectives. Richard made an advance on his right with Crusaders and when he got Grants on as first reserves also advanced on his right, using a hill to keep out of sight of the dreaded 90/53s. Barrie then got 2 reserve platoons & 5M14s showed up on each flank making flank attacks on the Brat tanks. The Crusaders evaporated while the Grants survived with a loss. More Crusaders arrived & went to help the Grants. They Ities got off lightly with a bunch of bails and the 90/53s murdered the Crusaders while the surviving M14s unbailed & finished off the Grants. The Brits were in trouble now - the 90/53s dominated the battlefield and they had no artillery to take them out and not enough tanks to rush them. The infantry on their LH objective were on their own, as any attempt to support them would have to enter the Zone of Death. Richard tried to gather his remaining armour for another attack on their right, but the 7 surviving Itie tanks overran the PBI on the other objective first.

Byron's Aufklarungsschwadron v. MarkO's US Rifles

1550 pts Encounter on crowded Tunisia table. SteveJ Umpiring.
There was a great deal of inconclusive fartarsing about as both sides sniped a bit while gathering their reserves at glacial pace. Both had air which just neutralised each other & did nothing. The US took a big hit when the Tiger took out the Shermans with 1 turn's potshotting over a vineyard. But time then ran out & the battle was declared a drawn.

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