Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camp Cromwell 24/07/07

Kursk Axis of Attack Campaign Battle #1: (Big Push Mission with a few tweeks)

We had intended to try the FOW Kursk 3 pronged Axis of attack campaign. But with Nick away we decided to go for a single big battle for the first round. This is a Big Push with a few tweeks using the FOW Battalion Rules. Each side has 2 Coys and 3 commanders - 2 Coy Commanders & a Battalion Commander. The Battalion Commander initially has control of the Support, Ambush & Reserve Platoons and assigns them to the Coy Commanders when they get into action. The table is 8x6 fought lengthwise. The Germans have 4000 pts to the Russian 3000, but the Russian Reserves are to be rolled for from turn 1, not delayed. The Russian position featured some new entrenchments (provided by Richard) & some new Russian front bunkers.

Germans - SteveJ (CIC), Byron (Panzer) & Barrie (Panzer Pioneer) 4000 pts all up.
Russians - SteveP (CIC), MarkO (Strelkovy) & Richard (Strelkovy) 3000 pts all up.

The Russians deployed 2 Strelkovy Bats in the front line supported by 2 HMG bunkers & 2 a/tank bunkers. A minefield stretched across the table with wire in front & behind. Their AA was deployed behind with a/tank guns & Gods of War in ambush. In reserve they had 3KV1s, 6 Stuarts, 2 more Strelkovy & HMGS.

The Panzer Coy had 5 MkV, 2x3 MkIVF1, 3 Hummells, 2 Recon + Armoured Pioneers.
The Pioneer Coy had 2 x Armoured Pioneers, Armoured HMGs, Rockets, Inf Guns & 2 Stug 331B.

The Germans advanced slowly & methodically, using smoke to cover the Russian observers. The Russians dropped their a/tank ambush up front. It died but delayed Barrie & took a few with it. The Bunkers were reduced by the Stug 331Bs. The tanks cleared the wire and the Pioneers & Goliaths cleared some paths through the minefields. The GOW were finally deployed and immediately made their mark destroying a MkIV platoon one turn and a Panther the next.

We knocked off for the night after turn 6. The Germans had their toes over the centreline, but the Russian reserves were all on & mostly in position. It was slow hard but interesting work fighting such a large battle. Now the wire & minefields are penetrated, things should really heat up next week.

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