Thursday, November 29, 2007

Camp Cromwell 22/11/07

Jim's Panzer Grenadiers v. Renfrey's British Rifles

Late War HTL, Brits defending using the 8x6 table SteveJ & Nick used for their Maharajah last week.
Renfrey deployed 2 Infantry Platoons with 17pdrs & M10s in ambush. He had Sextons, HMG Bugs, Churchills & another Infantry in reserve, plus Limited Hurricanes.
Jim had 2 P/Grens, HMGs, Mauliers, Stugs, 37mm SPAA & a KT.
Despite a Nick-like burst of 11 fails in 12 consecutive infantry saves which all but annihilating the German infantry, the dastardly Germans cynically exploited the British inexperience to take the objective with their armour (see pic).

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