Wednesday, November 21, 2007

At Barrie's 17/11/07

Jim's Falschirmjager v. Leigh's British Guards

LW 1500 pts Free For All on 6x6 table using hidden deployment & spotting
The platoons were initially represented on the table by counters with some dummies. These either had to be spotted or expose themselves by firing or moving before being put down on the table.
The Germans advanced Infantry on both flanks to sieze two woods on the centreline. They also had 3 Hummels, 4 heavy mortars & 4 Stugs behind a ridge in the centre.
The Brits dug in infantry on the objectives on each flank. A double 25pdr battery was behind their left & centre & a Sherman platoon supported their left. In the centre they advanced a Commando platoon though the central village with HMGs in carriers advancing on their left & 2M10s on the right.
The Stugs popped over the ridge and destroyed the HMGs. The Hummel's observer spotted the Firefly & the big guns promptly destroyed it. The 25pdrs failed dismally to hurt the Stugs which then turned on the Shermans & destroyed them as well.
With his Shermans & bugs destroyed, Leigh made a desperate charge out of the village towards the German's LH objective. The Falschirmjager on the left moved back from the wood to counter the attack while the Stugs rushed over from the right. The M10s lost one before breaking off from the FJs. The Commando attack on the FJs was stopped by firepower. The Stugs then finished off the M10s & the FJ counterattck destroyed the Commandos.
The Stugs & FJs advanced to attack the small Rifle Coy on the Brit's LH objective. The Brits took 3 Stugs out, but lost so many doing so that the FJs easily finished them off to take the objective & win the battle.
Barrie's draft rules needed a bit of tweeking, but in principle worked ok. It slows the game down & realistically favours the defence. It probably improves the scenario, but I'm not sure it improves the game. Nevertheless an interesting exercise - probably best used in historical scenarios rather than straight FOW Missions.

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