Thursday, November 29, 2007

Camp Cromwell 27/11/07

Late War HTL Grenadiers defending v. US Rifles

MarkO failed to show up for his Mahahrajah Semi-final v. SteveP, so JIm, Nick & Renfrey volunteered to give Steve a practice run. SteveJ & Byron signed on as German advisers.
Happy to command someone else's army, the US players attacked with reckless abandon.
The US Infantry got pinned down by German fire & never hade it over the centreline.
The USAF came often enough, but couldn't hit anything, and the masses of US artillery didn't do much better.
On the other hand the US armour did surprisingly well - the 88 ambush achieved zip before they were destroyed & the Shermans took on the Stugs & destroyed them. But the Shermans ran out of support & were destroyed by a Grenadier counterattack. This left no US over the centreline & a German victory.

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