Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Maharajah 2007 2nd Qualifying Final

Nick's US Armour v. SteveJ's Panzer Lehr P/Grenadiers - LW Breakthrough

Steve's army had 2x3 Pak 40s, 3 small P/grens, Hvy Mortars, 2 lots of armoured AA, & 105s.
Nick had 2x3 Priests, 5M5, 3M8, Cav recn, 3 Arm Rifles, Hellcats & P/Air.
The Mission rules didn't help Steve forcing him to leave his halftracks off the table, makig them a waste of points. Despite have 2 Arm Inf + hellcats in the flanking force Nick seemed to have heaps of troops on the table. He worked his way forward around the German right flank avoiding the zones of death of the Pak 40s on the other flank. The US light armour took out the German AA & artillery while their artillery & air whittled away at the german defence. The 1st US reserves (Hellcats) arrived in time to get within 40cm of the objective before time and after 2 Infantry Platoons also arrived on flank it seemed only a matter of time before they drove the small Grenadier platoon from the objective. But the battle went on and on as Nick cautiously advanced. Eventually at 1am Steve conceded that he had no hope of stopping the US infantry swarm massing near the objective.

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