Thursday, November 15, 2007

Camp Cromwell 13/11/07

Maharajah Elimination Final 2: Barrie's British Guards v. James' Grenadiers - LW Encounter

(Continued from last week). Barrie sent his surviving "armour" - his HMG carriers forward on his right and attacked the Stugs with his Commandoes. The Commandoes took out 2 Stugs and the others withdrew to pick on easier meat - the HMG carriers. Two platoons of HMG carriers took a lot of killing but eventually all the German firepower reduced both platoons to just 1 or 2 Carriers. Barrie withdrew the survivors to preclude platoon loses. The Germans didn't feel confident to attack & the Brits advanced very cautiously. Eventually, the Allied Air took out the Stugs one by one to force an Army Morale Test that the Germans failed.
Barrie goes into the 2nd Semi Final v. the loser of SteveJ v. Nick.
James is eliminated.

Maharajah Elimination Final 1: SteveP's Strelkovy v. Byron's Aukschwadron - LW Breakthrough

After an agonisingly slow deployment the battle finally got under way. Both sides did a bit of long range sniping without great effect while Steve moved a Strlk towards the rear objective & Byron waited for his flanking force to arrive. When it did he hit the Strelk with everything & all but anhilated it. But Steve's T34s rushed over to help & the Gods joined in to destroy the flanking force completely & secure the rear objective. Byron then resorted to a direct assault on the front objective with Panzer Grens & A/cars. They cleared a hole in the line, but the Gods & T34s took their toll & the attack ran out of steam.
Steve goes into the 1st Semi Final v. the loser of Jim v. Mark.
Byron is eliminated.

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