Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Camp Cromwell 01/04/08

James' Australians v. Tim's Bersaliglieri in FFA

It was new guy Tim's first FOW battle, but he got plenty of tactical assistance from the spectators. James deployed his anti-tank badly allowing Tim's armour to over-run his left flank.

Isdonisgrad III

In the Russians Turn 8 of the campaign they renewed the assault on Isdonisgrad. We spent much of the evening setting up the battle. A Grenadier Coy & a Fucilieri Coy, both depleted in the two previous battles for the town, are dug in behind the Isdonis River with Isdonisgrad in the centre of their line. The two bridges have anti-tank ditches in front & minefields behind. A horde of Russian Infantry is deployed ready to attack - a Militia Battalion and a Guard Battalion. Both sides are expected to have reinforcements of some kind available. Next week it starts in ernest.

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