Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camp Cromwell 22/04/08

Ipsus 301 BC

Antiginus (Barrie) + Dimetrious (Byron)
Seleucis (Nick) + Lysimacus (SteveJ)

This was the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship (Pairs Division) for 301BC.
70,000 Inf + 12,000 Cav + 75 pigs v. 60,000 Inf + 15,000 Cav + 200 pigs is a Big Battle.

Antigonus & Dimetrius deployed the usual way with their phalanx in the centre & cavalry on the wings & light troops in front. imetrious commanded the right.

Seleucis & Lysimacus were a bit more daring. They put their phalanx on the right angled towards the centre with cavalry on each flank of it, light cavalry on the left and elephants and light infantry in the centre supported by peltasts behind & charoits on their right. Lysimacus commanded the left.

Dimetrious made short work of Lysimacus’ light cavalry. Lysimacus’ elephants were beaten off by the phalanx in the centre, but had inflicted significant casualties – mostly by being beaten then having random stampedes go in fortuitous directions. Seleucus’s chariots made a bit of splash before being stopped by peltasts & on their right, the Asiatic Heavy cav disposed of Dimetrious’ few elephants with bowfire.

Eventually the Seleucid phalanx made it diagonally across the field to the centre front. Antigonus’ phalanx started better than Seleucus’ but the elephant casualties more than evened them up. Nevetheless the phalanx v. phalanx can be indecisive & the two locked up while the battle was decided on the flanks.

Lysimacus was killed leading a charge & Dimetrious got the upper hand against the peltasts & cavalry on Seleucus’ left. On the other flank, Antigonus’ personally lead his Companions to beat Seleucus’ (Seleucis was busy elsewhere with his co-commander dead), then finished off the Asian horse as well.

Seleucis’s losses on his flanks now caused army morale failure. Even though his phalanx was intact, it now had no support and was doomed.

1500 pts FOW, HTL on 6x4 table

In the other room Tim’s Panzers fought v. Richard’s Mixed Tankovy, Russians defending.

The Russian army looked a good choice with Sappers to dig in, 4 57mm a/tank guns in ambush & T34s, Stuarts & KVs to come on. But it all went pear shaped when the ambush achieved only a couple of bails. The other MkII platoon quickly over-ran the objective before the Russian tanks could intervene.

Undaunted, the Russians challenged the Germans to another one with roles reversed. But they did no better in attack, the field was soon littered with burning T34s, as the Tiger sat back & did its pillbox trick.

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