Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Camp Cromwell 15/04/08

3rd Battle of Isdonisgrad Concludes

Nick & MarkO continued their now desperate attack on Isdonisgrad while Jim, Barrie, Steve & Byron became more and more jovial as the dice Gods continued to favour their cunning plans.

On their right the T34s mostly survived the Pak40 and attacked the Fucilieri at the ford only to have the lead tank bog down and block the ford.

At the right hand bridge the Pioneers finally cleared the minefield & the Strelkovy charged across the bridge. But the Fucilieri in Isdonisgrad drove them back.

On the left the KV failed to unbail and was finished off by the 88. The Strelkovy unpinned & crossed the river. They beat the Grenadiers and wiped out the Heavy Mortars before they failed morale under the fire of the MkIIs (dropped out of ambush) & a storm of artillery.

On turn 6 the 2nd Grenadiers finally started to come on on the Russian left flank. Now outflanked, with no troops over the river and the Axis artillery now free of threats & able to plaster anything that moved, the Russians had no alternative but to retreat. The pic above shows this stage of the battle - the Fucilieri still hold the far ford & the bridge on the far side of Isdonisgrad, the Strelkovy next to Isdonisgrad are evaporating under a bombardment form 4 batteries, the MkIIs are advancing on the right, and out of frame 2 Platoons of Grenadiers have come on behind the Russian left.

Isdongrad Campaign Finishes in Axis Victory

It wasn't necessary to play through the next turn. The Russians admitted they had nothing to stop the 2nd Panzers storming in to Sharapova and achieving their victory condition and the conceded the campaign.

We want campaigns to 1) produce interesting battles, and 2) reach a conclusion and not peter out. This one passed on both counts. I though it was a great campaign & enjoyed it greatly. Of course being on the winning side also adds to one's enjoyment. The Ruskies put up a sterling fight, but the Axis army had a significant advantage in mobility that eventually their leaders were able to exploit - forcing the Ivans into a desperate frontal attack on Isdonisgrad. The Russian attack in the ultimate battle had no luck - they failed to break through the thin line of Fucilieri on the left flank and that bought the Axis enough time to bring up their reinforcements to put the result beyond doubt.
In the pic the Axis staff - Hauptmann Macdonald, Capitano Combs, Generali Gandini & Hauptmann Jendrich celebrate their victory.

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