Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Camp Cromwell 29/04/08

We fought two FOW 1500 pts FFA, each with a beginner v. one of the old lags. Both battles were decided by a stroke of luck at the end.

Barrie's Panzers v. Rich's Tankovy

Barrie failed his Marder shuffle & his Marders & most of his MkIVs evaporated on turn 2, but the Stugs stormed on towards the objective past many burning Russian tanks. They reached now undefended objective but the loss the last MkIV forced a Coy morale test. Barrie failed it and lost the battle.

MarkO's US Infantry v. Tim's Panzers

Tim attacked while the US were content to defend. On his right Tim engaged the Shermans with MkIIIs & HQ. On his left more MkIIIs advanced udner the covering fire of his Tiger. His Infantry advanced in the centre.
On the right the Shermans eventually prevailed destroying all the Panzers for the loss of just one Sherman, but the battle was decided on the other flank.
The MkIIIs mowed the defending GIs down and quickly reached the objective. M10s & 57mm a/tank guns rolled over the ridge to contest it. The MkIIIs were destroyed but they took some M10s with them & the Tiger took out the rest. The Panzer Grenadiers then assaulted the a/tank guns. They destroyed all the guns, but John Wayne was playing the platoon commander - he passed morale & counterattacked. The panzergrenadiers fell back, then failed morale. This left the Germans with just 1 platoon and no HQ so they automatically failed Coy Morale giving the US a lucky victory.

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