Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Camp Cromwell 08/04/08

Third Battle of Isdonisgrad

Having set up last week we were able to get straight into it. Progress was a bit slow due to lack of manpower on the Russian side - just Nick & Tim with all that tin to move - whereas all 4 Axis players were there.

The Axis deployed Grenadiers on the right, Fucilieri on the left. They were Dug & GTG with enough engineering to put an anti-tank ditch in front of both bridges & a minefield behind them. They also had ambushes in hand & lots of batteries though most of them were half strength.

The Russians attacked the two bridges either side of Isdonisgrad with Sappers supported with Strelk. Militia advanced on the Italians holding the ford on their right. On their left a KV flame tank lead a Guard Strelk towards that ford. GODs were set up in right rear & heavy mortars left rear.

In the centre the Sappers did not have the luck they needed. The ones on the left never got to grips with the Grenadiers and melted away under the Axis bombardment. The ones on the right did at least get across the river for a moment before the Fucilieri threw them back.

On the Russian right the Miltia made it to the ford but were thrown back by the Fucilieri then failed morale & ran away under the bombardment of the Itie mortars.

On the the Russian left the flame KV crossed the ford and drove back the Grenadier Platoon defending it with heavy loss thought the Strelk were held up, pinned by artillery. An 88 ambush plus artillery batteries pounded the KV & bail it, but the Grenadiers didn't unpin & couldn't assault to finish it off.
The pics are at the end of the night - the first pic is from behind the Russian left flank, the second from behind the Italians on the Axis left.

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