Saturday, September 27, 2008

At Nick's 26/09/08

Jim & Nick's Royalists v. Craig, Leigh & Cameron's Parliamentarians - Carl umpiring.

Parliament sat back and did nothing, as Parliamentarians do, & the Royalists attacked.

The DBR rules have you throwing a dice for each of your 3 generals then using the pips to move or rally troops. Jim threw lots of 6's & Nick threw straight 1's so the Royalist right got into action long before the left even got close.

The Cavaliers on the right slugged it out with the Roundhead horse while the Cavaliers next to them took out a pike & shot unit. Next to them, pike & shot of both sides met, but the Royalists had lost some critical casualties to artillery fire in the aproach & lost. This caused an army morale failure & Royalist defeat even though half their army hadn't even got within musket shot of the enemy.

Nick & Craig had little to do on their flank while Cameron, Leigh & Jim had all the fun while Carl did the hard work with the rule book.

Carl's figures were magnificent & the battle looked great. Though I enjoyed the battle, the battle did nothing to change my opinion of the DBX rules systems - a curious mix of oversimplification & arcane mechanisms.

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