Saturday, September 20, 2008

Camp Cromwell 16/09/08

Tuesday: Warhammer Ancients
Macedonians: Jim & SteveJ
Persians: Mark & Leigh
Umpire: Nick
Also present: Byron
The Macedonians soon became convinced they were doomed when realised that their phalanx wasn't going to get to the Hoplites skulking on the far edge of the table before the superior Persian cavalry destroyed the rest of their army. The Macedonian's sole success was their light cavalry sweeping away their opposite number on the left. Meanwhile they lost peltasts on their right to missile fire and all their heavy cavalry on the left of the phalanx. But after defeating the heavy cavalry the Persians pursued across the rear of the phalanx. The phalanx about faced and charged the cavalry in flank. The cavalry routed into some skirmishers. You would have expected the skirmishers to evaporate, but apparently not, & the cavalry was destroyed. The Macedonians got away with a narrow victory.
Subsequently it was found that there were numerous umpiring errors including less Macedonians than there should have been, less effect on morale due to skirmishers & no about face & charge. Bloody umpires !
I think WAB is a fun game if you have someone there who knows them well enought to keep it moving, but as a wargame you can't take it too seriously.

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