Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camp Cromwell 09/09/08

Tuesday at Camp Cromwell
Present: Rich, Byron, Jim, SteveJ.
Apologies: Nick, MarkO, Barrie.
Rich's Canadians attacking Byron's Grenadiers in HTL. LW 2000pts on 8x6.
The Germans took a big hit early when the Tiger ambush missed the Firefly which then took out a Tiger. But when the Stugs joined in the Canadian Shermans & M10s melted away.
The 1st Canadian rifles attacked Grenadiers on the forward objective & were destroyed by small arms fire. The 2nd rifle platoon attacked under smoke & did better, taking out the front line. But a 2nd Grenadier platoon came up, counterattacked and destroyed them.
On the Canadian right their 6pdrs & HMGs were stopped by a Stugs (left behind as the others went M10 hunting) & SPAA.
The artillery & mortars on both sides was pretty ineffective,as was the Allied air.
With no armour left and most of their infantry destroyed it was clear that the Canadians had no chance so they conceded defeat.

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