Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Camp Cromwell 23/09/08

Rich's Romans v. Jim's Carthaginians - Camp Cromwell Rules

The Carthaginans deployed first to give the Romans some compensation for inexperience. Elephants & Numidians on the right, Spanish & Gaulic infantry in the centre, Spanish & Gallic heavy & light cavalry on the right, African spearmen & cavalry in reserve. The Romans did the standard deployment with their allies in reserve. For a time all went well for Hasrubal. The elephants & Numdians bogged down the Roman right, the Spanish/Gallic heavy cavalry quickly routed the Roman horse on the left, a Spanish infantry unit went through a gap in the line to get at the Allied foot & the Carthaginian reserves started working around the Roman infantry's exposed right flank. But the Spanish & Gallic cavalry pursued off the table & the winning infantry kept pursuing as well. The Hastasi/Principes smashed the Carthaginan centre & the loses on the sacficial left had the Cathaginians teetering on the edge of army morale. But Hasdrubal saw one last opportuny & charged his last African cavalry reserve against the weakest section of the Roman line. A win would have turned the battle, but the infantry withstood the charge & soon after the last African foot broke & it was game over. It was an exciting little game & I was pretty happy with the way the rules worked, but as always I have noticed some scope for tweeking. I'll put a pic on the blog.

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