Saturday, September 20, 2008

Camp Cromwell Saturday 20/09/08

Saturday: James' Grenadiers v. Jim's Canadians

A Maharajah practice match to balance the leger. 2000 pts HTL, Germans attacking.
The Canadians placed a layered defence in front of the objective - 17pdrs n front then HMGs on the ridge crest then rifles on the objective behind the crest. M10s & Shermans in ambush.
On the German left they kept their Stugs & Tigers well back from the 17pdrs and pot shotted at them with the Tiger's 88s & 105 artillery from out of range. In their centre their HMGs & Pioneers advanced in the cover of a village and engaged the Canadian HMGs. On their right 2 Grenadier platoons & the AA HTs advanced at the double down the table edge.
The Canadians got their reserves pretty steadily and were able to mee the flank move with an artillery barrage & bugs. One Grenadier plat evaporated, but the other counterattacked with an AAHT & destroyed the bugs before diving into the village for cover before going on pressurise the Canadian reserve rifles platoons.
On the other flank, the Tigers & 105s finally weakened the 17pdrs enough for the Stugs to advance & finish them off & for the heat to go onto the HMGs. The Canadian armour dropped out of ambush and engaged the Panzers. The armour slugged it out trading Stugs for M10s.
In the centre the Pioneers and left flank Grenadiers advanced on the ridge as soon as the HMGs were disposed of. With a smoke barrage to help, the Grenadiers & Pioneers cleared the ridge and took the objective. The Canadians pulled the Shermans out of the tank battle to help the reserve infantry retake it, but it was temporary reprieve. The Pioners & the Grenadiers in the village counter attacked the counterattack and destroyed the rest of the Canadian infantry - with the CO - & the death of the last M10 caused the Canadians to fail Army morale.
It was a great little battle & close - the Germans were just one platoon off an Amy morale test themselves.

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