Sunday, December 21, 2008

Camp Cromwell 22/12/08

Maharajah Quarter Final deciding set: SteveJ's Panzers v. Leigh's Scotts in FFA

The Scotts dug in most of their force while the Panzers advanced on all fronts. The cunning German plan became apparent when they began picking on the Churchills. The right flank Churchill platoon was destroyed by the Panther platoon which then headed right to help against the other platoon. The left flank platoon was swarmed by MkIVs with a Panther attached & won on its own before the cavalry arrived. The loss of the Normandy Tank Platoon meant Army Morale failure for the Scotts & a German victory.

Now Steve's Panzers have to face Jim's 7th Armour for the right to fight James in the final. As James will be away on a trip to Canada until February, they have opted for a best of 3 semi final over January.
Rich's Canadians attacking Renfrey's Grenadiers in a 1500pt Breakthrough on 6x4

This time the Grenadiers gave the Tigers a rest & had 5 Stugs. The Canadians put all 3 Rifle platoons in flank attack. The Stugs attacked the main Canadian force & there was a shoot out with the Shermans & Priests on one flank - which the Stugs eventually won. Meanwhile the M10s & bugs headed around the other flank towards the rear objective dodging Pak 40 shells on the way. The Germans sent a Grenadier to hold the rear objective. They got there ok, but failed to dig in before the 1st Rifles arrived. The Germans were pinned by bug & rifle fire & the assault went in leading to mutual destruction. But this left only 2 SPAA to dispute the objective. 2 more Rifles arrived next turn & overwhealmed the SPAA to take control of the objective.

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