Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Camp Cromwell Ancients 09/12/08

Mark's Pergumenes v. Jim's Seleucids using Camp Cromwell Rules

On 8x6 table with a fair bit of terrain.
The Seleucids deployed the phalanx in the centre with cavalry on its left, infantry on its right & their elephants on the far right flank.
The Pergumens had the phalanx on a ridge in the centre with infantry on each flank of it, some light cavalry & infantry on their right & their cataphracts & more light cavalry on their left.
The Seleucids made a general advance, only holding back some infantry on the right of the phalanx. The Pergumenes advanced on the flanks & waited on the ridge in their centre with their heavy infantry.
The Pergumenes won both flanks, but the Seleucids won the centre. The Argaraspids beat the much larger immitation Romans by a flank attack & the superior Seleucid phalanx eventually overcame their opposite number. A few other loses here & there was enough to push the Pergumenes below half strength.

It was enjoyable battle with a good deal of manoeuvre. It certainly wasn't a case of "form up two lines & throw dice at each other". We tried yet another variation in the close combat system - it seemed to work real well & it may finally be what I have been looking for.
Pic 1: The start of the battle taken behind the Pergumene left.
Pic 2: The critical point of the battle. From the right right:
Cataphracts returning after beating elephants.
Seleucid Light Infantry & Cappadocians in reserve behind line.
Cavalry fight on the hill - the cataphracts are fighting the Companians & Greek cavalry.. The returning cataphacts charge the Companians in rear, but it's too late to save the others.
The Galacians on the hill are attacked by Cappodians & do beat them.
The 2 phalanxes are slogging it out.
The Argaraspids have hit the Immitation Romans in flank & they are about to rout.
The Pergumene Guard cavalry have hit the Cappodian Cavalry in flank & they are about to rout.
The light troops on the Pergumene right have advanced out of sight as the Seleucids fell back.

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