Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rainy Saturday at Camp Cromwell 13/12/08

Rich's Canadian Rifles v. Renfrey's Grenadiers in 2000 pts FFA

Renfrey had 4 Tigers plus supports. Rich had his usual mix. Renrey attacked on his right with the Tigers supported by the HMGs & SPAA. Rich attacked on his right with infantry & bugs. Rich's attack went well at first, the bugs & mortars caught a Grenadier moving up & destroyed it & the Aircraft took out most of the Pak 40s (it's only acheivement). But then Renfrey threw hot dice when the Rifles attacked the objective & the 2nd Grenadiers held on. The German attack was met with the M10s, 6pdrs & Shermans. Renfrey sent the 3rd Grenadiers from the centre to the right to help the attack, but it was intercepted by the Shermans & artillery & destroyed. Rich got Tiger fever & missed the opportunty to slip the Shermans past the Tigers to take an uncontested objective. Instead, the Shermans were evaporated by the Tigers. Even though partly distracted by killing the Shermans, the Tigers also took out the M10s for 1 loss & the remaining 3 attacked the Rifles on the objective. The Canadian grunts put up a brave fight & got one Tiger with their Piat, but even with 12 dice the 6 pdrs were useless in support and in the end the Tigers prevailed & took the objective.
Pics taken from behind the german right.

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