Thursday, December 04, 2008

Maharajah 2008 Semi Final 2

Mark's US Rifles v. James' Grenadiers: 2000 pts LW FFA
There seemed to be an awful lot of Yanks on the table - 12 platoons v. 8 - but then 4 Pussies take up a lot of points. James put infantry on each objective, artillery & werfers in rear & Tigers + AA in the centre. Mark did much the same but his Shermans were put on his left behind a wood & his 3" a/tank in the centre rear covering the open ground.

The battle opened with the Germans advancing in the centre with Tigers & Grenadiers while the US advanced infantry & their Shermans on the left & AA & infantry on their right. The US artillery & airpower was spectacularly unsuccesful in this phase of the battle, consistently failing to range in.

The Tigers diverted to the right to intercept the Sherman's threat to the RH objective. The Shermans tried to flee, but didn't make it - the Tigers popped the lot in two turns. In the centre, the Grenadier attack over the big hill failed to charge home & they were then destroyed by massed firepower.

The Tigers turned left and headed for the objective through the infantry & a/tank infested cornfield. They drove back the infantry & got a gun at the cost on one bailed.

The battle was adjourned at that point and continued a week later.

The Tigers pushed forward driving the GI's out of the cornfield, losing 1 Tiger to the 57mm a/tank guns to dispute the objective. The Yanks had one only battered Infantry unit in reach of the objective, but had 2 105 batteries & 2 3" a/tank guns in range.

On the other flank 2 US Rifle platoons supported by SPAA attacked the Grenadiers on the objective. Poor prep shooting left the Grenadiers unpinned & the GI's were stopped by defensive fire.

The Tigers sat in the cornfield & mowed down the GIs contesting the objective. The US guns managed to kill only 1 more Tiger leaving 2 holding the objective. James goes through ti the Grand Final.
Pic 1: From the US right.
Pic 2: The battle resumes on week 2.
Pic 3: The US attack on the objective - about to be stopped in its tracks.
Pic 4: Pussies on the objective.

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