Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday at Camp Cromwell 26/12/08

Renrey's Royalists v. Jim's Parliamentarians - Camp Cromwell Rules

Both sides deployed their main body of pike & shot on ridges with their cavalry opposite each other on one flank (Parl's left). On the other flank there were Royalst musketeers v. Parl's musketeers & dragoons amongst clumps of woods.

The Cavaliers charged on their flank. The Ironsides held back countercharging until the last moment and advanced infantry on the flank of the cavalry. The cavaliers won the fight on the far flank, but a flank attack by infantry saved the other group of cavalry, routing their opponants.

On the other flank the dragoons trotted right round the Royalist flank and across the rear of their main line. One group of Royalist musketeers followed them round as best they could on foot.

The victorious cavaliers pursued to the edge of the table, but rallied on their last chance. While the infantry that had helped the cavalry tried to block the return of the cavaliers, Parliament launched an attack on the right of the Royaltist foot. The Royalsts in turn started an attack with their own left including trying to attack the flank of the leading Parliamentarian foot unit. The Parliamentarians used all their command dice of a turn failing to react to the flank threat, then next turn got the order thru but failed the skill test to make the formation change. This allowed a flank attack which swept the unit away. The returning cavaliers manoeuvred around the Parliament's rear guard & despite losing heavily to the artillery joined in on the rear of the parliamentarian right completing its destruction. With that loss Parliament's morale failed.

The pic is early in the battle - taken behind the Parl's left. Cavaliers are pursuing cavalry in the foreground. Other cavaliers have been hit front & flank. The Parl's dragoons are in the far distance behind the Royalist foot.

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