Tuesday, October 06, 2009

7 Years War Hold the Line

Barrie's Austrians defending v. Byron & Joe's Prussians using Camp Cromwell Rules.

The scenario had the Austrian line infantry & artillery on the field at the start with their cavalry & grenadiers in delayed reserve.  The Austians had a line of woods, hedged fields, village & ridge to defend.  The Prussians to win by taking the village or the road at the centre of the Austrians rear.  The Austirans to win by preventing that.  Either side could lose by army morale test.

The Prussian had a pretty bad time with their activation dice and their attack became somewhat disjointed.  They still enjoyed some success, but the Austrians held the line long enough for their reserves to come up and plug the gaps.

The pic is taken from the Austrian right, Prussian left, just after the Austrian reserves started to come on.  The Prussian attack on their right petered out against a wall of grenadiers.  On their left, the reserve dragoons arrived in time to meet the Hussars after they found the ford & crossed the river.  In the centre, the Prussians just didn't have enough left in them to attack the village.

It was an interesting change to apply a Hold the Line scenario to 7 Years War.  It worked pretty well - the defending Austrians won tonight, but in play-testing solo the Prussians won, so I think it's a fair deal.

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