Friday, October 16, 2009

Maharajah Trophy Match at Barrie's 15/10/09

Joe's Falshirmjager v. Leigh's Death or Glory Boys

2000 pts Breakthrough on 8x6 table - Tunisia
The table is Meditereanian terrain - all the hills are DG plus a couple of mountains.

Joe made a big mistake at the start deploying his MkIVs too far forward on his left flank. Leigh deployed most of his armour within 40cm of them and blew 4 of them away on turn 1. The other one survived the morale test but was soon hunted down by the pack. Then Leigh got his 1st lot of reserves (2 platoons of bugs) on turn 3, soon followed by his infantry platoon. The bugs took the nearest objective & with infantry coming on in support, it looked like it was just a matter of waiting for turn 6 to win. But the FJ's had other ideas. The 1st platoon drove the bugs off the objective. They were in turn destroyed by Brit fire but the 2nd FJ platoon wiped out the Brit inf and the surviving bugs to retake the objective again.

Meanwhile on the other flank the masses of Brit armour having destroyed the MkIV's were bottled up by a mix of terrain & Pak40 paranoia. But the need to retake the other objective had left the central one undefended. Leigh's Lees ran the guauntlet of Pak fire to take that objective & win the battle.

The pic has the objectives in the closer LH quarter. The LH one in the wood is in dispute between FJ's v. bugs & inf. The Paks are on the hill on the right of the village, German artillery on the mountain behind it. The Brit armour is milling around in the distance, their Art in far right.

Leigh qualifies for a Semi Final berth, Joe has to fight a repercharge against the loser of Barrie & Byron - that match scheduled for next Tuesday.

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