Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FOW at Camp Cromwell 13/10/09

Byron & Jim's US Rifles v. Joe & Steve's Falschirmjager

Barrie had a work crisis & couldn't front for his scheduled Maharajah battle with Byron.  Instead Byron & Joe had a practice battle with Jim & Steve assisting - 2000 pts Trenchfight, Germans attacking.

Byron's deployment of lots of infantry gave him a lot of wire & entrenchments.  The objectives were in vineyards - one up front & one in the right rear.  Bunkers protected the centre of the US line.  The US survived the preliminary bombardment very well, but the dice gods evened up by feeding reinforcements on a drip feed.

The Germans avoided the bunkers by advancing on both flanks.  FJs & A/cars on the right, Pioneers, FJ's A/cars & Marders on the left. 105s & Neblewerfers gave support fire.  In the pic you can see the Germans advancing on the flanks.  Their artillery is off camera to the left.  US inf is deployed in the vineyards, 2 more platoons still in ambush.

The Germans gapped the wire on both flanks with little interferance while the US waited for their reserves.  The then US dropped  infantry out of ambush on both flanks to slow their advance.  In both cases the FJ's with fire support from the A/cars cleared them away.  Shermans and M10s deployed on the right and took on the Marders.

Armoured Recon, Cannon, Heavy Mortars & a Heavy Platoon eventually arrived & deployed on the US left, advancing to assist the centre.  But they were a bit late, the FJs on the US left used a wadi to cover their advance and took the objective from a platoon weakened by artillery.   The Armoured Recon rushed forward to dispute it, but were beaten off leaving the objective in German hands.

Next battle: Joe's FJ's v. Leigh's Death or Glory Boys on Thursday at Barrie's.

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