Friday, October 09, 2009

Successor Battle in Launceston 08/10/09

Jim's Pergumenes v. Nick as Antigonus
I took advantage of a work trip to Launceston to visit the Launceston Gaming Club - taking 2 Successor armies for a Camp Cromwell Rules battle.  Although it was Show Day and a supposedly quiet night there was still nearly 30 attendees, mostly fighting fantasy & sci-fi.
Antigonus' army was the usual argaraspids, phalanx, peltasts, elephants, light infantry, heavy cavaly & horse archers - mostly Reluctant Veteran mercenaries.  The Pergumene army had a core of Confident Conscript levy phalanx & cataphracts supported by Cappodician Confident Warrior infantry & cavalry and a lot of light infantry & cavalry.  Antigonus had a wing commander in his son Dimetrius, giving him an advantage in command.  The core units for both sides were the phalanxes - the army morale test was lose your phalanx and you lose.
The Pergumenes marked their deployed on a map, then Antigonus deployed on the table before the Pergumenes were put down in accordance with the map.  Both sides put most of their cavalry on their right. 
Antigonus siezed the initiative, advancing in echelon, right forward - exploiting his advantage in command dice. Pic 1 is taken when the skirmishers first meet  the heavy troops have not made contact.
The Pergumene's held their main body back in the centre & left while sending their light troops forward to try & weaken the enemy as they advanced.  Their cataphracts were to advance on the right then wheel left, but were slow to start due to poor command dice.
The Cappadocians on the Pegumene left were outclassed by their opponents and were soon defeated.  The cataphracts on the right did defeat Antigonus' left, but they took far too long to do so.  By the time they were ready to attack the enemy's flank it was protected by redeployed reserves.  The Pegumene light troops failed dismally in their task of weakening the enemy as they advanced & the citizen phalanx was beaten by a combination of phalangites & elephants.
The Pergumene's mismanaged their light troops, mismanaged their attack on the right and got muddled in the centre  Antigonus on the other hand did better with deployment, had a sound plan & countered every Pergumene move to give him a well deserved decisive victory.
Pic 1 is taken when the skirmishers first made contact.
Pic 2 is taken as things really hotted up. 

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