Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Camp Cromwell 27/10/09

Jim's Royalists v. Joe's Parliamentarians

English Civil War using Camp Cromwell Rules. Both sides had 6 Pike & Shot, 2 Musketeer & 4 Cavalry.  The Royalists also had a FV Cavalier unit while Parliament had 2 Dragoons.  The Parliamentary troops were generally better equiped, but the Royalists were better troops. Deployment was by alternately placing pairs of units.  Both sides protected one flank on the river & split their cavalry - some on the far flank, some in the centre - see pic 1 (taken from behind Royalist left).

The Royalists attacked with their cavalry while holding back their foot.  Parliament sent their dragoons on a flanking manoeuvre on their left & advanced their foot on their left.

On Parliament's right & both sides had fluctuating & mixed fortunes, but the battle was won & lost elsewhere.  One unit of Royalist cavalry was initially deployed in front of the Royalist foot on the right threatening the musketeers on the Parliamentary left.  It was just a feint, but it caused some disorganisation in the Parliamentry ranks which gave the Royalist foot a small advantage when they closed.  Those cavalry then moved to the left to exploit the gap made when the cavaliers won - the Royalist right counterattacked and broke the Parliamentarian line just before the dragoon's flank attack arrived through the wood.

(We were supposed to be completing the Bryon v. Barrie Maharajah battle tonight, but Bryon had a last minute problem). 

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