Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sinking the Bismark 01/11/09

We dusted off the Dreadnought rules for something completely different.
Bismark + Prinz Eugen v. Hood + POW.

Game 1: Nick = British v. Jim = Germans.
Nick concentrated both his ships' guns on the Bismark.  The Bismark enagaged the Hood, Prinz Eugen engaged the POW.  The Bismark copped some engine damage early on slowing her down & forcing a fight to the death.  She hurt the Hood badly, knocking out her fire control, but not quite sinking her.  The Prinze Eugen did nothing to the POW which steadly bashed the Bismark into a hulk.  A British victory this time.

Game 2: Joe = British v. Jim = Germans.
In tjis game the Germans used their greater experience to advantage.  Crossing the british T, the Bismark concentrated on the POW while the Prinz distracted the Hood.  The POW was hit hard and often & sunk while only causing minor damage to Bismark.  The  Prinz was all but sunk by the Hood before the Hood was forced to deal with the Bismark.  But she was totally outclassed and in a close range duel was smashed in quick time.  A German victory with both British ships sunk & the Bismark not significantly damaged.

It's interesting how this scenario can produce overwhelming victories for either side. There's a lot of luck in small scenarios, but there's some skill too.  And they are great fun - we must do more of the ships & planes. 

The rules are on the blog, though I noticed that the ships log there were not the same as the ones we used from the printed copy I had archived.  I then found the same applied to Men o'War.  I have found the latest (2003) computer files & added the 2003 versions of both sets to the files on the sidebar.

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