Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nick's Garage 25/11/09

Carl's Lancastrians v. Jim & Joe's Yorkists

FoG Wars of the Roses using Carl's 28mm figs.
Leigh officiating, Nick hanging about.
The York line had cavalry, bows & men at arms on the left, billmen in the centre centre & bowmen right.the
The Lanc line had cavaly & bows on the right, bows in the centre & bills & artillery on the left.
The Lancs advanced their whole line, their left dropping back because of their guns.
Pic 1 is taken behind the York left soon after the start.
Pic 2 near the end.

The Yorks advanced in echelon, left forward.  The plan being that the cavalry would ride down the bows in front then pursue into the cavalry behind while the supprting bows & MAAs would overlap the the enemy bows to support the bills in the centre.  The plan fell apart when cavalry failed every morale test caused by bowfire.  One unit routed quickly without even charging home & then distrupted the line behind.  The other cavalry unit did break through but the victorious bowmen wheeled about & disposed of them too.
In the centre, the Lancs bows beat the Yorks bills, while on the right the Lancs bills beat the York bows.
It just wasn't a good night for the house of York.
The game was a typical FOG line them up and throw dice contest.  Having Leigh assisting with the rules helped the game flow, but still slowly.  They really are a pretty ordinary set of rules, but worth putting up with to play with Carl's figures.

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carl_peacey said...

The two sides where 700 points apiece slightly bigger than the starter game size. The game took under 3 hours to play to a decisive finish. Not what I would call slow.

The nature of the armies being in the main Longbowmen and Billmen does make for a line them up and throw dice event, however there was opportunity for tactics and manoeuvre. I did expect to win on the flanks and lose the centre, as it happened I got lucky and won everywhere.

Winning might have had something to do with it but I very much enjoyed the game. The FOG rules do take a few games to get used to, especially if you bring baggage from other rules sets, but once you get to grips with them they play well and produce a good looking game.