Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maharajah 2009 Elimination Match 10/11/09

Joe's Falshirmjager v. Byron's US Rifles

2000 pts Encounter on 8x6 table.

Joe deployed his Neblewerfers on the mountaintop on his right, artillery in the scrub behind the LH objective, FJs on the RH objective & his 3 MkIVs in the centre.  A/cars # more infantry in reserve.

Byron had Rifles on the LH objective supported by SP75's and Pioneers on the RH objective supported by 3 Shermans.  There were Heavy Mortars on his mountain & his Heavy Platoon in the centre.  Lots more infantry, recon, TD's etc. in reserve.

Byron attacked on his right engaging the Panzers with his Shermans as the infantry Truscot trotted forwards and the SPguns moved thru the centre to join in.  The Panzers died taking only 1 Sherman with them as the Pioneers assaulted the artillery to reach the objective.  It looked all over, but the Germans stayed in the game because the artillery command was 95mm from the objective & the surviving gunners passed morale.  The Neblewerfers kept bailing the Shermans & the heavy platoon while the German A/cars & 1 FJ platoon came on near the disputed objective and the FJs on the other objective rushed over to help.

There was a furious fight over the objective for a while, but the Yanks had too much firepower available & the Germans ran out of troops - losing the objective and failing army morale at the same time.

The pic is taken behind the German left as the US begin their advance.  Joe did not have a lot of luck, but Byron did have a better plan.  He had clearly learned a lot from his loss v. Barrie - both in army selection & US tactics.

Joe is eliminated from the Maharajah 2009 tournament.  The Quarter Final draw is:

James' Grenadiers v. Byron's US Rifles.
Steve's Panzers v. Leigh's Death or Glory Boys.
Mark's US Rifles v. Barrie's Panzerpioneers.
Jim's Carri v. Nick's US Armour.

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