Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maharajah 2009 3rd Quarter Final

James' Grenadiers v. Byron's US Infantry

Cauldron, US attacking.
James deployed 2 infantry around the objectives with his Pak 40s in immediate ambush.  He had another infantry, 2 Tigers, 105s & 4 Werfers in delayed reserve.
Byron put down mortars, heavy mortars, infantry & Shermans on his right, engineers, cannon & the 2IC platoon on the left.
James' put down the Pak 40 ambush on his right.  It mauled the engineers, killed 2 cannon HTs & a Sherman but the 2IC platoon (2ic & 2 bazookas) & engineers attacked it in flank & front & wiped it out.
James got his Tigers on turn 3 & attacked the US infantry in rear.
The Shermans attacked the German infantry with fire support from the M10s as recon & infantry came up from reserve.  The Shermans were destroyed but they took a grenadier platoon with them & the other platoon had to leave their trenches to dispute the objective against US inf, engineers & recon.  They destoyed both the engineers and the infantry before they died, but the objective was left undefended. 
The German reserves were slow to come on after the Tigers, but the 3rd grenadiers had finally got withing rifle range of the objective, the 105swere finally able to fire & the Tigers had finished off the US inf & were coming up.
To stay in the game James had to blast the US off the objective.  The 105's missed, the Tigers got 2 jeeps & the grenadiers got the 2IC platoon, but one recon armoured car survived 95mm from the objective to win the game for Byron.
A good game this one.  I think James got distracted & wasted his Tigers mowing down GIs when they should have been moving up to the objective.  He was also desperately unlucky with reserve rolls - his 105s got in just 1 shot before the game was over & the Nebles were still setting up. 

Byron qualifies for the Semi Finals.  This makes 3 out 3 wins for the Allies in the Quarter Finals - the Axis' honour is now in the hands of the Italians!

Matches to come:
4th Quarter Final: Jim's Carri v. Nick's US Armour
1st Semi Final: Leigh's Death or Glory Boys v. Byron's Panzerspahkompanie.
2nd Semi Final: winner of 4th QF v. Mark (US Rifles v. Jim or Fucilieri v. Nick).
Grand Final: Winners of Semis fight it out.

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