Friday, November 20, 2009

Maharajah 2009 2nd Quarter Final

Steve's Panzers v. Leigh's Death or Glory Boys

 2000 pts Encounter Mission on 8x6 table (Tunisia).
The table featured an unusual number of ridges with large open areas between.  Jim umpiring, Barrie & Joe also present.

Steve chose to deploy on the left side of the table as photographed. He put infantry with attached anti tank guns on the LHS objective.  The other objective was in a large orchard, the front of which is just visible on the left forground of the pic.  Here he deployed his 105s and a Panzer platoon (mixed MkIVs & MkIIIs).

Leigh put his double battery behind the ridges on his right with his HQ Grants & AA.  He put his US Lees behind the ridge on his left.

Leigh began agresively, advancing his Lees & Grants.   The 3 Grants had big bogging problems crossing the ridge & 2 of them spent much of the battle boged down there.  The Lees put their heads over the ridge to try & pick off the small Panzer platoon before the German reserves arrived.  But another Panzer platoon arrived quickly & with the help of the Luftwaffe the Lees were promtly dispatched.  The rest of Steve's reserves also came quickly - MkIIs on his left, & Pak 40s on his right.  The British still had no reserves on at this stage & with Panzers rushing towards an undefended objective, it looked all over for them.

But while Leigh's reserves were late, they did all arrive in the right place - on his left & centre.  The Panzers halted on the ridge among the burning Lees to engage Valentines & Crusaders but the Germans seemed to just run out of luck.  The 105's got pinned by artillery fire & just would not unpin, when the Luftwaffe hit the Brits were saving, and with the help of the 25pdrs, the Brit armour won the tank fight on the ridge.

Now the Brits advanced on the German right which had precious little left to defend it with.  The 25pdrs popped one Pak & the Bugs swarmed the other.  The German artillery beat off the first infantry attack, but with a swarm of armour coming up their position was hopeless & Steve conceeded.

Leigh joins Mark in Semi Final round.
James & Byron are to fight next Tuesday at Camp Cromwell.
Jim & Nick are trying to find a spare spot in Nick's busy life.

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