Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chris's Place

Nick vs Chris, in a Roadblock. (Flames of War, 1500 pts, mid war. Nick as US, Chris as Germans)

The US were ambushed, and forced to deploy their M10's. But, as luck would have it, managed to deploy them where they couldnt be ambushed. But the escorting M5 stuarts were in the open, and subject to a nasty attack from the German AT guns. The ambush didnt really come off, and the remaining Stuarts and the M10's went on the offensive, seeking to wipe out those nasty AT guns. But the counter attack failed, and whats more it distracted the US away from the objectives. Eventually a unit of German infantry was able to march onto an objective and end the game. Highlights included a tiger running from a tank hunting platoon of bazooka armed infantry, and a US airforce that proved totally ineffective!!!

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