Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Maharajah Trophy Battle Byron v. Barrie

Byron's US Infantry v. Barrie's Panzerpioneers in Free for All.

On the German right & in the centre there was a good bit of fart arsing about, but the battle was decided elsewhere.   Barrie pushed forward on his left with the Armoured Panzerpioneer platoon while his Stugs stood in the centre to hold off the US armour.  Byron's defence left a lot to be desired - his infantry were deployed in cover but not actually on the objective.  He tried to defend it with the firepower of Bazookas & his heavy platoon, but it just wasn't enough to stop the armoured half tracks.  Barrie qualifies for the Quarter Final round.

The pic is taken behind the German left.  Note the column of half tracks heading for the objective.

Next Tuesday:
Joe's Falshirmjagers will fight Byron's US Infantry in an elimination match for the last place in the Quarter Finals.

Draw for Maharajah Quarter Finals:
Jim's Carri v. Nick's US Armour
Steve's Panzers v. Leigh's Death or Glory Boys
Mark's US Infantry v. Barrie's Panzerpioneers
James' Grenadiers v. winner of Joe v. Byron

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