Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maharajah 2009 1st Quarter Final

Mark's US Rifles v. Barrie's Panzerpioneers (Tunisia).
2000 pts Cauldron on 8x6 table, US defending.
Jim umpiring, also present Byron & Joe.

Mark had a perponderance of numbers, both men and tubes.  Barrie tied to weaken the defence with artillery & Stukas while collecting up his reserves.  But the Luftwaffe was pretty useless and the US were too spread out for the 155's to do too much damage.  Barrie attacked on his left with Stugs & Panzergrenadiers mounted in half tracks.   The Stugs were destroyed mainly by heavy artillery, but the Panzergrenadiers charged in their half tracks and captured the objective.    However, their success was short lived - a storm of artillery & HMG fire folowed up by an infantry counterattack destroyed them to secure the position & win the battle.  The pic is taken from the German left as the Panzergrenadiers start their attack.

Barrie is eliminated, Mark goes on to a Semi Final.
2nd Semi Final: Leigh's DOGBs v. Steve's Panzers in an Encounter - this Thursday at Barrie's.
3rd Semi Final: James' Grenadiers v. Byron's US Rifles in a Cauldron - next Tuesday at Camp Cromwell.
4th Semi Final: Jim's carri v. Nick's US Armour - at Nick's, date TBA.

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