Saturday, June 26, 2010

At Nick's on Friday Night

Nick's Panzers v. Carl's US Armour
1500 pts MW Hold the Line

A rather brief report I'm afraid as your correspondant was somewhat preoccupied 200 years in the past on the next table.  Carl seemd to do alright for a while, but the evil genius of the Germans pulled through in the end.

Joe's Prussians v. Jim's French
Black Powder 7YW

Both sides had 3 Infantry Brigades, a Cavalry Brigade & 4 guns.  The Prussians had better command & better infantry except for their Saxon Brigade.  The French had better cavalry.

The Prussians started with an advance on their right.  The French advanced to meet this with their Bavarian allied Brigade and sent their reserve infantry Brigade  to assist.  They also sent their cavalry on a wide sweep around the Prussian left.

The Prussian attack was held by the Bavarians in the hedges while the French reserve outflanked it & broke it.  The French cavalry got some good command dice and moved rapidly around into the Prussian rear.  The Prussian cavalry was pulled back to meet it  but was caught in abit of a muddle & quickly defeated.  The French Dragoons continued on & took out a battery from the rear, but the other battery turned & blasted the French cavalry so it also broke and could not exploit its success.

At this stage the Prussians were in trouble with half their Brigades broken, and their left flank brigade split up to deal with the cavalry manace.  But the French did not find it easy to finish them off.  Their bad command rating made it a slow process to roll up their right flank and difficult to get their centre into the action (the CIC beng in the enemy rear with the cavalry didn't help).  But  eventually, their centre did get going and concentrated on the isolated Prussian left to win the battle.

The pic is taken from behind the French left.  Another enjoyable BP battle.  The Brigade morale test we used was: break if more than half units routed or shaken, or if half or more are routed.  The Army Morale test we used was more than half brigades broken = fail.  In the book the brigade test is half units shaken or routed, army test is half brigades broken.  This battle indicated that our revised brigade test is ok, but that the army test might be better be left as in the book. 

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