Friday, June 11, 2010

van Diemen Wargames Club visit

Joe & I made another visit to the van Diemen Club.  They were all in training for the upcoming Warhammer & Lord of the Rings championships, but a few guys showed definite interest in FOW and said they'd like to give it a go after the championships.  We did a 1500 pts Midwar.

Jim's US Mech v. Joe's Schutzenkompanie (out of Afrika), Joe defending a Hold the Line.

Joe put one infantry platoon on the forward objective & the other in ambush (both had 2 Pak 38's).  In reserve he had 105's & panzers (3 MkIII longs & 2 MkIV longs).

The US had 2 mech inf plats, 6 105 HTs, 5 Shermans, 5 Honeys, 2 AAHTs & scouts. One infantry advanced on each flank (in their HTs), Shermans up the middle, Honeys on the left, scouts in front on the left.

The advanacing scouts forced the early deployment of the 2nd Schutzen on the German right.  The Panzers came on 1st turn and lurked behind the hill with the objective on it.  The US popped most of the Paks, but the panzers shuffled round the the hill & helped the last one destroy the Honeys. 

But the US refused to get distracted and form their objective.  With Sherman support the 1st mech rifles drove the german infantry off the hill and took the objective.  The Germans counterattacked with the panzers now supported by the 105's.  The 105's bailed up 2 Shermans & the panzers destroyed the rifles, though with some losses.  The 4 bailed Shermans failed morale.  The CO tried to rally them & also failed leaving the panzers in control of the objective.    But the 2nd mech rifles had been moved over from the left.  They jumped out of their HT and charged the panzers.  The US 105's finally did something bailing up a panzer & the rifles finsihed them off retaking the objective.

The 2nd german schutzen platoon tried a last counterattack, but with the help fo the AAHTs, the GIs stopped their charge & held the objective to win the battle.

Another rattling good battle with lots of twists and turns.

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