Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camp Cromwell 29/06/10

Joe's Schnellschwadron v. Jim's US Mech
1500 pts Midwar Free For All

Joe pushed forward with infantry & Stugs in the centre while trying to dig in an infantry platoon on each objective.  The US saw that Joe's right was inadequately defended and had open ground perfect for the Shermans & Honeys.  The US armour rushed forward with mech infantry following.

The Stugs, Stukas & Neblewerfers tried to stop them, but the Shermans took them on while the Stuarts charged on.  The German infantry had two chances to dig in & failed.  Not surprisingly 5 Stuarts backed up with 4 half track mgs had to use shooting too sucessful to take the objective.  The German attempt to blow the Stuarts of the objective failed miserably - game over with zero US casualties.  A case of a depoyment mistake backed by bad luck ruthlessly exploited.

The pic is behind the US left.  The Honeys are on the objective.

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