Friday, June 04, 2010

FOW in Launceston

Jim's Bersaliglieri v. Nick R's British Heavy Armour.  1500 pts MW Breakthrough on excellent desert table.
A trip to Launceston is a bit downmarket compared with gay Paris, but it has to do. At least the wargaming was top class - we had a great little battle.
The Ities defended with 2 small Bersaliglieri deployed on the line, 75mm & Semos in rear and M14's & L6's in reserve.
The Brits had Sherman HQ, a Sherman platoon & a Grant platoon on table, and a 2nd grant platoon & an armoured car platoon in flank & Hurricanes.
Pic 1 shows deployment (objectives on near left).

The Brits made a cautious advance while waiting for the flank attack.
The Ities moved onto the objectives leaving a thin line of 47mm a/tank guns & HMGs to delay the tanks.  The L6's came on immediately and moved with the Semos to cover the objectives.  The M14's came on soon after in the rear of the Grants.  They popped one & the 47's finished the platoon off.  The Grants arrived from reserve on the 1st throw & caught the Semos in rear.  The Ities were lucky to get away with the loss of the Command tank plus 3 bails.  They then unbailed the lot, had the 2IC close enough to take over & fought back.   They missed firng back and then came under fire from Shermans advancing up the wadi behind them.  The Grants missed the Semos (now hull down in the wadi).  The Artillery smoked the Shermans to protect the Semos who finally got a kill while the L6's popped the other two with rear shots.  The Brit armoured cars arrived from reserve and traded ineffectual blows with the L6's while the Shermans advanced up the wadi.  One was killed by the M14's & Semos & the others assaulted & destroyed by Bersaliglieri.  With just 2 HQ Shermans & 2 Armoured cars left the Brits conceded.

Pic 2 is near the end.  The Bersaliglieri are assaulting the Shermans in the wadi.  The armoured cars & L6's are just off the bottom LH corner.  The Hurricanes had come often & took out a 75, a L6 & 2 M14s so they paid their way.

I found that the Launceston chaps have also discovered Black Powder.  There were no games of it being played on this night, but they tell me they are using it for 15mm ACW & loving it.

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