Sunday, March 25, 2012

FOW V3 25/03/12

Jim's Hungarians v. Byron's US Armour

1555 pts MW - Encounter Mission

The Hungarians are on the near side in the pics.  The US initially tried a Honey rush down their right flank, but thought better of it when the artillery turned & popped the lead Honey.

Next the Shermans moved up to hull down on the central ridge and engaged the Paks along with the artillery & air strikes.  With the Paks seemingly immune to everything and one Sherman burning and others lucky to get away with bails, Byron withdrew.

Both sides fired artillery with singulary little effect while they gathered their reserves.

Hungarian plans for a counterattack were delayed by most of their 38T's getting bogged in the woods in the foreground.

After finally getting their armour out of the woods, the Hungarians advanced up to the ridge line.  At the same time the US reformed to attack now the Hungarians had left their trenches.

But by now time was up and the battle was a nil-all draw, both sides being too intent on not losing.

We did a lot of looking up V3 rules, but mainly just making sure we had things right.   The index sure makes it easier to find stuff, as do the chapter tabs on the top RH page corners.   I finally got to do a V3 assault - it does seem a lot cleaner. .

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