Saturday, March 24, 2012

FOW V3 24/03/12

Steve's Panzergrenadiers v. Jim's revolting Hungarian Light Infantry

1555 pts Counterattack Mission 

This is one of the new V3 Missions.  The Hungarians defended and deployed in the LH corner (except for Paks in ambush & T38's in reserve to come in on the RH corner).

The Germans as attackers deployed all their force in the corner.  The Germans had 2 objectives - one in the Hungarian deployment area & one in the closest quarter.

The battle started with the Germans rushing to the right with most of their force (leaving 2 platoons in the far corner to force the Hungarians to defend both objectives.  The Hungarians rushed infantry towards the RH objective and were fortunate to get their T-38's first turn - they moved into the cornfield and set to shooting up the Panzergrens.

The Germans unlimbered 88's and Paks to take on the T-38's.  The Hungarians dropped their ambush Paks on the hill.  The Panzergrens advanced on the objective while their artillery smoked the Paks.

The T-38's lead a charmed life for a while but eventually the 88's got the range and killed them off.  But not before they had (with help from the Paks & artillery) destroyed all the Panzergrens.

The battle was now a stalemate.  The Germans had no infantry left to storm the objective & in this Mission the defenders have no objectives to attack.  The two sides exchanged shots until time ran out before either side had to test morale - so  the Hungarians, as defenders, won.

Some comments on V3:

The air seemed to work ok - simpler than before, though just as chancey).

We found the armoured transport rules a bit confusing & clumsy - it seems that a bail can cause a platoon morale test that can result in all the half tracks being sent to the rear, but then they are able to come straight back.  (But then the V2 rules for half tracks were pretty confusing too).

We never got to test the close combat rules.  We kept forgetting the changed terrain rules for rough ground.  The new index is a big improvement - we found what we wanted straight away each time.

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