Friday, March 09, 2012

Hail Caesar in Launceston

Jim's Persians v. NickR's Greeks

I stayed on after a work trip to Launceston to visit the Launceston gaming Club.  I just happened to have two Hail Caesar armies with me.  I did however forget the box of counters.  We had to muddle through with marking the casualties on paper - not an ideal method, but it sort of worked.

The Greeks are on the left in the pics.  2 infantry divisions centre and their right, cavalry division on their left.

The Persians have cavalry divisions on both wings, Persian infantry right centre and mercenary holpites left centre.

The Greeks advanced on their whole front, the Persians generally advanced to bow range then halted.  The first combat was between the cavalry on the far flank.

The Greeks had some initial success, but numbers told and the Persians came out on top with their 2 medium units surviving after breaking the Greeks.

On the other flank, the Persian cavalry played for time, keeping the right flank hoplites busy.

In the centre the Greek attack was disrupted by bow and javelin fire, only the left end of the line charging home on the Persian foot.  The hoplites broke 2 units, but without support, they were surrounded by bowmen and cavalry and shot to pieces.

Meanwhile in the centre, the other half of the hoplite division was charged by the mercenary hoplites with support from some of the Persian foot.  The central hoplite division broke, which was 2 of 3 division broken and game over.

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